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Lucy Preston

Offering a compassionate, safe and empowering  therapeutic counselling approach, which allows you to find the right path forward for you


Why choose therapy with me?

Life can be difficult, full of uncertainties and challenges, which can naturally leave us, at times feeling distressed, overwhelmed, confused or alone. Recent events in the world have understandably amplified these feelings in many of us, as we may feel we have lost choice and control over many aspects of our life.


When we are experiencing high levels of stress or anxiety it can be difficult to make sense of what is happening to us or how to move forward, sometimes it feels debilitating and frightening.

As a qualified BACP therapist, I would like to reassure you that these feelings, whilst difficult, are a normal part of being human. We have not failed, we are not weak or flawed in some way.  We are often reacting in a very natural way to a challenging situation and what we need above all else is to be heard, understood and supported at this distressing time.  Therapy can offer this valuable source of support.

Whatever your reason for considering therapy, from a loss to difficult emotions, feelings of anxiety or low mood, to dilemmas, conflicts or trauma, I can offer a safe, calm and confidential space, free from judgment, which allows you to begin to make sense of what you are experiencing.  There is no right or wrong reason for seeking therapy, I can be alongside you with whatever difficulty you are encountering at this time. 

Together we can help you gain an increased awareness of yourself and your world around you. This will allow you to have a clearer understanding of what you are facing, or a new perspective of the choices and possibilities available to you. It can help you to find what you need. It is my hope that this feeling of having more freedom to choose your way forward will lead to an increased sense of ease or liberation within you.

How I work

I am a qualified Integrative therapist.  At the heart of my work is the belief that we are all capable of finding the answers to our difficulties and my role is to help you find your truth and sense of meaning in life. By doing so, I believe you have the potential to change in a positive way that feels right for you. It is my hope that our therapeutic relationship will allow you to embark on a journey in which you can increase your autonomy, confidence and belief in yourself, as well as your future choices.  

My integrative approach means that I offer a range of therapeutic skills, which allow me the flexibility to work in a way that is unique to you. My belief is that we are all so individual, shaped by our own very personal set of experiences and way of being in the world. As such I will work in a way that is attuned to you and your needs.


Counselling is often referred to as ‘talking therapy’ because it focuses on the opportunity to talk.  I appreciate how daunting the idea of talking about difficult issues or feelings can be.  My aim is to work compassionately and collaboratively at your pace and to a depth that feels comfortable and safe for you.  At times therapy can feel challenging, but my hope is that our therapeutic relationship will provide the support that you need to get the most out of our work together. 

I believe there is a real power in talking and being truly listened to within a therapeutic relationship, something that many of us do not experience in our everyday relationships and conversations.  My work draws together professional training and experience with empathy, understanding and acceptance of you as a person, which will allow you to feel truly heard and understood.  Whilst therapy does require a level of commitment and can at times feel challenging, research shows that when a person engages in the process, therapeutic support can really help to make life's challenges more manageable.

As well as giving you space to talk, I also believe in empowering you to develop skills that can help you in day to day life.  I draw upon neuroscience and somatic practices (working with the body and breath) to help you regulate your own nervous system, calming anxiety, and beginning to resolve trauma that often plays out in the body as well as the mind.  

In order to allay any worries you may have or to answer any questions, I offer a free initial 30-minute phone call. It is a chance for me to learn a little about what you hope to gain from therapy and an opportunity for us to discuss how we might work together.  Most importantly, you can see how comfortable you feel when talking to me, as I believe it’s so important that you feel at ease with your therapist to get the most out of this process.  There is no obligation to continue beyond this initial call.  

I work with clients who are 16 years and over. I welcome all clients and embrace difference in all its forms.  I look forward to welcoming you and getting to know you as the unique individual you are. 

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